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What is a tube fitting?

Tube fittings are known as pipe fittings or pipefitting. The tube fittings is popularly known as the occupation of installing and repairing or fixing the piping and the tube systems that let out the liquid, gas, and occasionally solid materials. The tube fittings works involve selecting and preparing pipe or tube to be joint together by various means. The tube fittings are joint in a way where its location and repairing of leakage is fixed.

The tube fittings also famously known as pipe fitting is the process of inaugurating and repairing the pipes and tube that convey the materials like solid, liquid and gases. This process involves the method of joining the pipes or tube together in fittings that their location of leaks is repaired.

What are fittings?

In the fittings the AN thread is particularly known as type of fitting that is used to connect flexible hoses and along with them the rigid metal tubing that carry fluid. These fittings are US- military derived and specifically dates back to the time of World War 2. The fittings roots from a joint standard that has been agreed upon with the army and navy. Thus, the name AN.

We are the manufacturers and suppliers of the tube fittings in India since a long period. We as the leading manufacturers and also the suppliers in India offer the tube fittings in a ferrule and double ferrule configuration. We offer a vast range of styles and size according to the requirements of our customers and industries necessity. The manufacturing of the tube fittings cover different styles like male connector, female connector, Tee, Cross Tee, union, elbow etc. We as the manufacturers try to cover almost every combination and type of fittings and piping requirements. To meet the customer requirement we offer customized end connection throughout India. Our main manufacturing if focused on various styles of tube fittings like male connector, female connector, union, elbow, Tee, Cross Tee etc.

Compression Tube Fittings

Being a quality centric organization, we offer supreme quality flare less Compression Tube Fittings to our valued customers. Our range makes a spring action for easy usage of compression tubes. They are available in a size of 3 millimeter to 50 millimeter to our clients. These products are manufactured using SS tubing, M.S, stainless steel, M.S. copper and brass as per AISI 304, 316, 316-L, Brass, EN8, M-S, Monel etc.
Testing Methods as per Nuclear Power Corpn of India Ltd. ( No.PP-E-577).

tube-fitting Male Connector

The features of Male Connector are as follows:

  • Type: single/ double ferrule
  • Size: 1/8" to 1 1/2" OD tube
  • Material: Steel and Stainless steel
  • Maximum working pressure: upto 6000 PSI
Female Connector

The expert team of our company offers Female Connector. They are fabricated with the latest machines using high quality raw materials. Our range is widely renowned for its quality, durability and outstanding performance. Understanding the needs and requirements of our clients we offer customized solutions of Single and Double Ferrule Tube Fittings to our clients.

Male Run Tee

Our expertise allows us to offer supreme quality Male Run Tee. It is acclaimed and appreciated across the globe for its accordance with the internationals quality standards. We also offer customized solutions to our clients as per the needs and requirements.

Tube Fittings
Tube Cap

We hold an expertise in offering supreme quality Tube Cap Fitting to our valued customers. These tube end cap are highly known for its easy installation, quality and durability. We provide customized solutions of Tube Fittings to our clients as per the needs and requirements. They are offered to our clients at industry leading prices.

Tube Fittings male-connector
Tube Union

Being an industry leader we offer Tube Union to our customers. Manufactured using high quality raw material, these tube fittings are well known in the international market for its accurate design, high performance and sturdy construction. In addition, they are offered at reasonable rates.


Tube fittings are designed in a waythat provides a reliable and leak-proof connection in the instrumentation and the process of tubing systems. Duolok tube fittings mainly have four precision-machines

Tube Fittings

    Components are:

  • Body
  • Front Ferrule
  • Back Ferrule
  • Nut

The Statistical Process Control is the type of techniques that are usually employed in the manufacturing of the fittings. This is in order to supply timely and meaningful answer to the production. The duolok tube fittings are bagged to make sure that the highest level of quality, safety and neatness is maintained. The Duolok tube fittings are sealed in boxes that are color-coded with the tube fittings material used for construction and they have pictorial labels which include the part number, product description and box quantity.


The designing and manufacturing of Unilok tube fittings are made to provide a reliable, leak-proof connection in instrumentation and process tubing systems. Unilok tube fittings mainly consist of

    3machine components:

  • 1) Body
  • Ferrule
  • Nut

Unilok tube fittings are particularly packed to make sure of the highest levels of quality, safety and cleanliness. These protective bags remove the contamination like tubing burrs, dirt, etc. from coming in the fitting beforeits use.This helps to retain the integrity of the factory assembled body, nut, and ferrule. As a Unilok tube fitting is maintained in its original protective bag, it isidentified as completely and newly assembled ready toinstall.


The critical connection of the machined fitting components with a leak-tight seal is achieveddue to the process tube. The easy geometric rotation of theUnilok nut gives the axial thrust the outside diameter of the tube.To remove any potential stress on an existing system, the tube fittings are designed in a way that does not transmit installation torque from the tube fittings to the tubing.The single bagged Unilok tube fittings are now sealed in convenient, small quantities for simple procurement and handling.


The tube fittings have a design and manufacturing to provide a reliable, leak-proof connection in the process of instrument and tubing systems.Griploktube fittings consist of four main machine


  • Body
  • Front Ferrule
  • Rear Ferrule


Through rareconnection of precision machined fitting components with the process tube, leak-tightseal is achieved.The easy geometric rotation of theGriploknut gives the axial thrust a necessary "coin"to theoutside diameter of the tube. The tube fittings isdesigned with non-transmit installation torque from the tube fittings to the tube with a result to removethis potential stress on anexisting system.